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Endermologie is a revolutionary solution for getting rid of unsightly cellulite, relieving muscle pain, detoxifying the lymph system and improving the texture and elasticity of your skin. It has been clinically proven to provide measurable and visible results after only a few treatments. Patented over 20 years ago, the painless, non-invasive technique uses suction and rollers to lift and massage the connective tissue lining your muscles and fat cells. The treatment is one of the few recognized by the FDA for its effectiveness in combating cellulite.

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Client’s will experience a customized blend of massage practices from around the world, each tailored to fit their individual desires. Our expertly trained staff draw upon techniques ranging from basic Swedish to advanced deep tissue, and most everything in between, ensuring that client’s receive an effective formula for their body’s specific needs. Whether by a classic, hot stone, Thai, or any of our many other massages, tension disappears and energy is revitalized by the end of each session. Relax and experience the benefits of our massages.

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At Therapeia, one of the cornerstones of our success lays in our exceptional skin care services. Designed with the highest standards of cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration, a Therapeia facial is unlike any other. Using the finest ingredients from Mother Earth, your esthetician will personalize your treatment based on your skin’s needs. Your skin is steam misted and exfoliated, cleansed, and smoothed, leaving it moisturized, glowing, and more resilient to outside toxins. All skin care treatments include deep, relaxing massage.  

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Therapeia – a name derived from the word therapy, emphasizing our mission to profoundly affect the physical and mental states of our clientele. Not stopping at just physical improvement and indulgence, each of our services reaches out to and improves our clients’ sense of wellness and health. We offer customized massage, acupuncture, skin care, endermologie, and other services to position the body and mind in a place for success and happiness. At Therapeia, it’s all about you– what your body wants and what your spirit needs. Our goal is simple: to make the name Therapeia synonymous with people fully enjoying their lives.

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